Field Trips (Over 100 People)

Our Field Trip is meant to just give an overview of a small dairy farm and to explain the benefits of fresh dairy. It is meant as a sightseeing excursion and was designed for large classes of school children to be guided around the farm, to see different fruit trees and plants, and to learn about a dairy and to get close to cows and calves. The itinerary includes:

  • Introduction by guide to a dairy farm and benefits of dairy
  • Pastillas rolling
  • Tour around the farm
  • Observation of milking by machine
  • Hand-milking (limited to specific number)
  • Grass feeding of the adult cows
  • Bottle feeding of baby calves (limited to specific number, depending on number of calves)
  • Light lunch featuring Pinkie’s Farm’s products and local specialties around Batangas.
  • Picnic set up including tents, tables, chairs, and banigs. See pictures below for an idea of our picnic set up.


Fee: P600/head, P400/head for kids below 10 years old

How to book a tour:

Just email us at, or fill up the form here.

Best times for the tour: 10am.


We require a reservation fee of P100/head to hold your date and this needs to be deposited 3 days after booking. Otherwise we will release your date. This deposit is non-refundable and is forfeited if the tour is cancelled 5 days or less before the date. If the tour is cancelled before this date, you can apply this deposit on another date.