Our Products During COVID19

Pinkie’s Farm And Old Swiss Inn Products

Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), we’ve had to reduce our product list by limiting SKUs (we can’t produce the entire line because we don’t have enough people to process). We’ve also decided to cross sell our products with our sister company and Makati hub, Old Swiss Inn, so you get food to eat and dairy to drink in one place!

Here is our most recent product list (as of April 6). You can also follow us on FB or IG for notifications. Thank you for supporting our little farm and restaurant. Stay safe!

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Angus Rib-Eye (250g steak) P1800
Angus rib-eye steak with a generous serving of our umami-rich steak rice.

Sausage Duo  	P690
Hungarian and Schublig, sliced and ready to share.  With sauerkraut and boiled potatoes.

Baked Gnagi (pork knuckles, chopped)  	P790
Served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes.

Slow-roasted Angus Beef Belly 	P850 
250g, roasted ‘til fork-tender, served sliced, with caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and steak rice.

Chicken Forestierre (250g, served sliced) 	P600
Pan-fried chicken with a rich mushroom gravy, accompanied with buttered noodles. 

The Zuri	P800
Shredded pork tenderloin in mushroom cream sauce served with roesti potatoes. Bestseller!

Mashed Potatoes (good for 4)	P300
Barley Soup	P450


Baked Gnagi P550
Boiled Gnagi P550
Veal Sausage P550 2 pieces
Hungarian Sausage P470 2 pieces
Schublig Sausage P450 2 pieces
Pork Sausage P380 2 pieces
Corned Beef Sliced (500g) P850



Goulash Soup P250 1 serving
Bolognese Sauce P350 2-3 servings
Corned Beef Caldereta P500 2-3 servings
Beef Mechado P450 2-3 servings
Beef Salpicao  P500 2-3 servings
Chicken Pastel P400 2-3 servings
Beef Lasagna P375 2-3 servings
Lamb Short Ribs P600 2-3 servings
Beef Stew P550 2-3 servings


Banana Chips	        P250
Ube Lengua De Gato	P325
Classic Lengua De Gato	P300
Sauerkraut              P380



Full Cream Milk (1L) P240
Low Fat Milk (1L) P240
Chocolate Milk (1L) P250
Mango Milk (1L) P250
Coffee Milk (1L) P250
Expresso Milk (1L) P250


Full Cream Unsweetened Yogurt (1L) P250
Full Cream Sweetened Yogurt (1L) P250
Low Fat Unsweetened Yogurt (1L) P250
Strawberry Full Cream Flavored Yogurt (1L) P280
Mango Full Cream Flavored Yogurt (1L) P260
Lemon Zest Cream Yogurt (1L) P280



Full Cream Unsweetened greek yogurt (1kg) P400
Full Cream Sweetened greek yogurt (1kg) P400
Low Fat Unsweetened Greek Yogurt (1kg) P400



Buttermilk (1L) P350
Unsalted butter (125g) P125
Salted butter (125g) P135
Kesong Puti (200g) P150
Classic Pancake SET 600 (2 pcs classic mix, 1Lbuttermilk) 
Dark Chocolate Pancake SET 660 (2 pcs dark choco mix, 1Lbuttermilk) 
COMBO Pancake SET 630 (1 pc dark choco mix, 1pc classic mix, 1Lbuttermilk)