Don’t let milk go bad…



That’s why we deliver 2x a week!

Order often and in small batches so that your milk doesn’t go bad. Our milk has no preservatives and is NOT UHT (ultra-high temperature) processed (which is why it tastes so good!) so the shelf life is shorter that the milk in cartons. That’s why we want to deliver OFTEN vs. our milk lasting weeks. We want our milk to taste better and be healthier for you.

But don’t worry, our products are all pasteurized. 🙂

How to make yogurt at home


We pride ourselves in our yogurt, but just in case you want to make a batch of your own, here’s how, from Melissa Clark of the New York Times. All you need is fresh milk and some ready-made yogurt to start. Full article here

Photo credit to Andrew Scrivani of the New York Times

Fun Fact

Cow fact! “The color red doesn’t make bulls angry. In fact, cows are red-green colorblind! In bullfights, it’s the motion of the cape that draws the bull’s attention, not the color.” photo c/o Washington Post

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