Nutritional Facts

These values are only to give you an indication of the nutrifacts in our products. Unfortunately, being a small dairy, we do not alter or adulterate our milk in any way, so we cannot guarantee exact values every time. We just get the milk from our cows as is, pasteurize, and bottle. Milk components can change due to feed, breed, age, and even stress. What we DO guarantee is that our cows are not given any hormones or antibiotics to increase their milk output, and we process our milk with minimal processing.

full cream milk

low fat milkmango milk

chocolate milk


coffee milk

full cream unsweetened yogurtfull cream yogurt (sweetened)


low fat uns yogurt


mango yogurtlemon zest yogurtstrawberry yogurtFCUGYFCGY






Cultured buttermilk

Kesong PutiScamorza

Guava Jam

Mango-Passion Jam

Strawberry-Banana Jam