• Is your milk pasteurized? Homogenized?

Our milk IS pasteurized but NOT homogenized. This means it is safe to drink, and will separate into cream and low fat milk after a while. Just shake the bottle and all should be good.

  • Does your yogurt contain live cultures?

All yogurts start out with live culture. That is how yogurt is made: live and active cultures are introduced to pasteurized milk and convert the milk to yogurt via fermentation. Some yogurts, to extend the shelf life, REHEAT the fermented milk, killing off the live culture. We don’t do that because these live cultures are beneficial to us. The trade-off is a shorter shelf life (around 2 weeks). You can also use our yogurt and its live cultures as a starter culture to make your own yogurt!

  • Are there any ADDED SUGARS in your products?

Added sugar is just sugar that is ADDED, as opposed to the natural sugars of milk.

MILK – Our full cream milk and low fat milk do NOT have any added sugars. If they taste sweet, that’s because of the natural sugar in the milk (lactose). Our flavored milks (chocolate and mango) HAVE ADDED SUGAR. Aside from chocolate and natural fruits (no artificial flavorings), we also add sugar.

YOGURT – If you want yogurt without added sugars, ask for our UNSWEETENED line.
We have full cream UNSWEETENED yogurt, low fat UNSWEETENED yogurt, full cream UNSWEETENED GREEK yogurt, low fat UNSWEETENED GREEK yogurt, and Yogurt Cheese

All other yogurts, including our frozen yogurts, have added sugar. If it doesn’t the word UNSWEETENED, most probably it will have added sugar.

OTHER PRODUCTS – Our kesong puti, butters, yogurt cheese, DO NOT HAVE added sugars.

  • Is your milk safe for my 9 month old baby to drink?

Yes, it is, but introduce the milk to your baby gradually, so that your baby slowly gets used to it. As in all cases, please ask your pediatrician first.

  • How do I order your products?

You can order our products from this website by simply adding them to your cart, but the BEST ways to order our products are via:
Email: customercare@pinkiesfarm.com
Facebook: Pinkie’s Farm
Instagram: @pinkiesfarm
Whatsapp/Viber: 09189999555 (Sending us an SMS may not be very reliable as messages have gotten lost in space, so please try the other means.)

  • After ordering your products, how do I get them?

There are 3 ways to get our product:

  1. You can pick up your products at our hubs, (you can also drop off your old bottles there). Payment is via bank deposit to either BDO or BPI. Our hubs are:


Old Swiss Inn Makati, beside Peninsula, along Makati Ave. see here on map


Old Swiss Inn, 1030 Belen St., Paco, beside Paco Park see here on map.


JAC Motors Westgate Center Commerce, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila see here on map.

San Juan

Suzuki Dealership, N. Domingo see here on map.

Sta. Rosa

Volkswagen Sta. Rosa, Greenfield Automall, Sta. Rosa, Tagaytay Rd. Don Jose, Laguna see here on map.

2. We can deliver your products anywhere in Metro Manila via Lalamove. We will deliver from the nearest hub in order to minimize delivery charges. Payment is via bank deposit, to either BDO or BPI. Just let us know your delivery address and we’ll calculate the delivery fee for you.

3. If you live in an area along our route, we can deliver to you FOR FREE for a min order of P 1,500.00. So far the areas that are covered here are the Makati villages (Bel Air, Urdaneta, San Lorenzo, Dasmarinas, Forbes), Corinthian Gardens, Valle Verdes, Corinthian Hills, Acropolis, Greenmeadows, Acacia Estates, The Grove, Magallanes, and Greenhills.

  • Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our products from this website or if you want to pick up the products, they are available at Old Swiss Inn, Makati. (beside Peninsula). Kindly call them beforehand at 8188251 to check what they have available as stocks go fast.
You can also order from them for future pick up:


Gourmet Corner in San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park  – selected yogurts

Gourmet Corner in EDSA Shangrila Mall – selected yogurts

Cartel, Salcedo Village  – selected yogurts


Real Food, Molito Lifestyle Center, Ayala Alabang


The Grocer at The Mart (24 hours), Km. 21 West Service Road


All Day Supermarket, Libis

  • Do you deliver?

We try to deliver anywhere in Metro Manila via Lalamove. Just let us know your address and we will calculate the cheapest option for you. We’ll also let you know if it is too far to deliver. Long travel times may compromise our products.
Currently our delivery van goes to specific areas around Makati, BGC, San Juan (Greenhills, Wack Wack areas), Corinthian Gardens, Acropolis, Greenmeadows, Corinthian Hills, Magallanes, Acacia Estates, The Grove, and Valle Verde. If you live in these areas we will be able to deliver to you for a min order of P 1,500.00. Please contact or email us and let us know what area you’re in and we’ll see if we can accommodate it along our route.
We deliver 2x a week: MT and ThF. Let us know where you live and we can see if we can deliver to you, and when.
For MT deliveries, please send us your order by Friday noon. For ThF deliveries, please send us your order by Tuesday noon.

  • Is there a minimum purchase in order for you to deliver?

If we use Lalamove to deliver to you, there is NO MINIMUM purchase, as the delivery fee will be shouldered by you.
If our delivery van will be the one to deliver to you, our minimum purchase for delivery is P 1,500.00, and only to our specific delivery areas.

  • Do you ship your products?

No, I’m sorry we don’t ship our products.

  • You mentioned a subscription program? Can you explain more?

If you want to read more about our Daily Habit Subscription Program, you can click on this link. If you subscribe in our program, you can pay one month in advance and we will deliver your order to your doorstep. We give our subscribers lower prices because we exchange our new bottles with their old bottles.

  • Is it normal to see chunks of white stuff in your milk?/My milk has become lumpy. Is it spoiled already?

Our milk is pasteurized (meaning it’s safe to drink!) but NOT HOMOGENIZED. Homogenizing is a process that (in VERY BASIC terms) binds the fat molecules of milk with its water molecules so that they don’t separate. This will result in a homegenous (hence the name) liquid. Our milk, being unhomogenized, WILL separate. The cream (or fat) will rise to the top (that’s where the saying comes from 🙂 ) and will form gobs of fat. Just shake the bottle and everything should be good.

  • If lumpy milk is “normal”, then how can I tell if my milk is spoiled or not?

The “Best By” date on our bottles is exactly that: it is best by that date. It doesn’t mean that it is spoiled AFTER that date. Our milk is meant to last 7 days UNOPENED, but must be consumed 2 days after opening.

The best way to tell if your milk is spoiled is through smell and taste. If it doesn’t smell right and tastes bad, it’s probably spoiled. Don’t go by appearances alone.

Yogurt will naturally separate into its yogurt and whey components so it is still ok if there is whey (watery liquid) on top. Just mix it up and it’ll be good as new. However, bubbles or fizziness is NOT a good sign and is an indication that your yogurt has gone bad.

Storage is a BIG factor when it comes to shelf life. Read our tips on how to extend life further below.

  • How should I store my dairy products?

Your refrigerator has to be 0-4degrees. A warmer refrigerator will shorten your milk’s shelf life, so we encourage you to invest in a refrigerator thermometer.

Milk is by FAR the most sensitive product of our line. So don’t leave your milk out of the refrigerator for long period of time (for example, don’t forget it on the kitchen counter 🙂 ), and don’t store it on the shelves on the door of the refrigerator. This is the warmest part of the refrigerator and prone to temperature fluctuations. Store is at the back of the ref, the coolest part.