Very excited about this new product, not only because it is SINFULLY good but also because of our chocolate. We use Auro Chocolate’s Tablea De Cacao, 100% unsweetened, pure cacao. We’re so proud to use local ingredients and we’ve always been fans of Auro’s internationally-acclaimed cacao products.

Our Tsokolate-Eh is velvety rich and silky smooth…luxurious adjectives that are so fitting. It definitely is an indulgent treat, and we warn you: this will ruin all other hot chocolates out there for you. We cook down our milk, sugar, and tablea at a simmer, SLOWLY reaching our desired thickness WITHOUT peanut butter, flour, cornstarch or anything else. Just those 3 ingredients, plus love and patience.

DM us to order! P375 for 500ml in our glass mason jar.

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