Pretty Ladies All In A Row


Our fresh, natural yogurts lined up so you can see all the pretty pastel colors. Pink for strawberry, yellow for mango, light yellow for pineapple, and white for regular, low fat, or Greek yogurt.

These adorable glass bottles (yes, you can recycle them!) contain 200g of yogurts, which is enough for a single serving. 1kg bottles are also available.

How Do You Start YOUR Day?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so go ahead and make it special! Bianca likes to start her day with our Oh Mangoodness Frozen Yogurt!

And why not? It’s all natural! Made with fresh mangoes and our all-natural yogurt (no preservatives, no extenders, no emulsifiers), it’s a healthy way to begin the day.


Other flavors are: Strawberrific (our bestseller!), Table-YEAH (using our very own tablea from our cacao trees), and Avoca-dorable.

Supplies last while fresh fruits are in season.

You can try our frozen yogurts in Old Swiss Inn. Old Swiss Inn also sells them in old-fashioned tin cans.