Breakfast Bowl Challenge Winners

@camgavino’s breakfast bowl was made with Greek yogurt, soy milk, chia seeds, granola, and mangoes.


@ruuuuthsrno has the right idea – breakfast food IS the best. Her bowl had chia seeds, granola, bananas, flax seeds, and Greek yogurt.


@hannahjarmin90 had this bowl of goodness filled with frozen bananas, mangoes, chia seeds soaked in low fat milk, kiwis, and flax seeds.


Thank you to everyone who joined our Breakfast Bowl Challenge last month and submitted inspiring breakfast creations using the products of Pinkie’s Farm, Take Root and The Healthy Grocery. Our 3 winners are posted here with their creative entries and their contents.

Hope this inspires everyone to eat a healthy breakfast everyday! Delicious and nutritious ingredients are easily available.

Breakfast Bowl Challenge: Are You Up For It? Last Day Tomorrow!


What’s your favourite breakfast bowl? Get a chance to win and make your own yogurt bowl using: Take Root’s banana chewies and champorado granola with Healthy Grocery’s raw acai!

1. Follow @takerootph @pinkiesfarm @thehealthygrocery
2. Like this photo and tag 3 friends
3. Post a photo of your most blissful breakfast bowl idea, and tell us a little something about it or share the recipe in your caption!
4. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #BfastBowlChallenge
The contest will run from September 15 to 22. Open to Metro Manila residents only. Good luck! 💙

How Do You Start YOUR Day?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so go ahead and make it special! Bianca likes to start her day with our Oh Mangoodness Frozen Yogurt!

And why not? It’s all natural! Made with fresh mangoes and our all-natural yogurt (no preservatives, no extenders, no emulsifiers), it’s a healthy way to begin the day.


Other flavors are: Strawberrific (our bestseller!), Table-YEAH (using our very own tablea from our cacao trees), and Avoca-dorable.

Supplies last while fresh fruits are in season.

You can try our frozen yogurts in Old Swiss Inn. Old Swiss Inn also sells them in old-fashioned tin cans.