Double Your Espresso. Double Your Joy.

Rejoice all ye Coffee Addicts! Have your cookie and your caffeine too. Introducing our Double Espresso: our popular Espresso Milk paired with the famous Espresso Chip Cookies of Jo’s Cookies. They say milk and cookies are a match made in heaven. What more if this match is wired, twice over?

Small – P4952 200ml Espresso Milk and 6 Espresso Chip cookies

Large – P6951L Espresso Milk and 12 Espresso Chip cookies

Packaged in cute carry boxes to make a fun and attractive gift. For a limited time only. DM us to inquire! We’re taking orders now. First delivery will be Monday, Sept. 7.

Espresso Milk!

Espresso milk is our coffee milk, all grown-up. If you like your coffee milk on the stronger side, with the full flavor of Barako coffee, try this! Starting Thursday Feb. 20. Limited edition: only until March 31. It’s the first of our special flavors. :):) watch out for the others! #coffee #espresso BTW don’t you love our cow espresso cup? 🙂