Salted Duck Eggs

People love our idea of our farmer friends’ products available with ours. It’s great to find all this fresh produce in one place. Our newest farm to join us is a small duck farm in Lipa, Batangas. From them we can offer to you salted or fresh duck eggs.

Duck eggs are much richer and fattier than regular chicken eggs. Try using them in an omelet and see the difference in creaminess!

Meet Our Farmer Friends!

During ECQ, we’ve met new farmer friends who share our passion for quality produce and our struggles with farming. We want to share them with you. You can even order their products through us. Just because we like sharing good things. 🙂

Meet Sunny Side Farm! We love everything about them: their name, their logo, their feed, and most of all, their products and their values. Their eggs were super fresh, their hens are hormone and antibiotic free, plus you can return their crates for recycling. Sound familiar? 🙂

You can see them on @sunnysidefarmph or you can just order through us (same price) to get your eggs and dairy at the same time.

Verdant Pastures


To have grass-fed cows we have to have a lush pasture. Not only do the cows like to graze quietly, contentedly chewing their cud for hours, but they also get to eat special grass varieties that are supposed to be delicious and good for their health! Like the napier, mulatto, and star grass we grow and cultivate for them

We’re discovering that tending the pasture is even harder than taking care of a herd of cows! 🙂

To see our little farm, just email us at We have packaged tours for small groups and kids.