Hot Tsokolate Eh


Hot Tsokolate

Our recipe is our own, suggested by our mothers and Titas.


  • 1L Pinkie’s Farm Full Cream Milk (of course! 🙂 )
  • 1 roll of Pinkie’s Farm tablea
  • Brown or muscovado sugar to taste (we put 30g).

1. Unwrap one roll of tablea and pound and pulverize the tableas (i used a rolling pin and a plastic bag, but a mortar and pestle will do). This is just so that the chocolate dissolves easily.

2. In a heavy bottomed saucepan, pour all of the milk and heat over low – mid heat. Add the chocolate and sugar and stir constantly.

3. THE SECRET – SLOW cooking and constant stirring so that the milk doesn’t scald and you get a burnt taste. Keep the flame low – you only want it simmering, not a rolling boil. WARNING: THIS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME (ours took 30 min!). But low and slow is what melts the chocolate evenly and that silky texture (with still the coarseness of real tablea).

4. Stop until you achieve the desired thickness of tsokolate. This is a personal preference. We like ours pretty thick, but not as thick as paste.

5. If you do it the low and slow way, you will TASTE the difference between tsokolate made with just milk and tablea and thickened with evaporation VS tsokolate that was obviously thickened with (ugh, horrors) cornstarch or flour (I won’t name the cafe) :).

6. Of course this is perfect with a rich ensaymada, but it’s also soothing on its own. You can make a big batch and store it in the refrigerator (reuse our bottle for this!) and just reheat when you want a cup. Or drink it cold (like a really thick chocolate milk). It should keep for a few days.