Very excited about this new product, not only because it is SINFULLY good but also because of our chocolate. We use Auro Chocolate’s Tablea De Cacao, 100% unsweetened, pure cacao. We’re so proud to use local ingredients and we’ve always been fans of Auro’s internationally-acclaimed cacao products.

Our Tsokolate-Eh is velvety rich and silky smooth…luxurious adjectives that are so fitting. It definitely is an indulgent treat, and we warn you: this will ruin all other hot chocolates out there for you. We cook down our milk, sugar, and tablea at a simmer, SLOWLY reaching our desired thickness WITHOUT peanut butter, flour, cornstarch or anything else. Just those 3 ingredients, plus love and patience.

DM us to order! P375 for 500ml in our glass mason jar.

Double Your Espresso. Double Your Joy.

Rejoice all ye Coffee Addicts! Have your cookie and your caffeine too. Introducing our Double Espresso: our popular Espresso Milk paired with the famous Espresso Chip Cookies of Jo’s Cookies. They say milk and cookies are a match made in heaven. What more if this match is wired, twice over?

Small – P4952 200ml Espresso Milk and 6 Espresso Chip cookies

Large – P6951L Espresso Milk and 12 Espresso Chip cookies

Packaged in cute carry boxes to make a fun and attractive gift. For a limited time only. DM us to inquire! We’re taking orders now. First delivery will be Monday, Sept. 7.

Loaded Labneh

Labneh is actually another name for our yogurt cheese, and is a Middle Eastern dip. So what is yogurt cheese? It’s EXTRA strained Greek yogurt has the consistency of cream cheese, so is perfect for dips!

The simplest dip is often the yummiest. If you have really good quality EVOO (the type that tastes very fruity!), just drizzle a bit over the yogurt cheese, put a bit of salt and pepper (we like using flakey salt so that the salt granules aren’t so abrasive) and voila! Wonderful dip for vegetable sticks, chips, or a spread on pita chips or toasted rounds.

If you want something fancier you can load up the labneh with all sorts of things. We’ve tried lemon zest (you KNOW we love our zester!) with chopped pistachios, fried shallots, basil chiffonade and a sprinkle of paprika! What a gorgeous symphony of colors and flavors, all harmoniously humming together. You can try anything you want really. Just remember to finish off with the best EVOO you can get your hands on, salt, and pepper.

Dorie Greenspan Our Idol!

We just had to post this. Look who liked our post on the Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake! Can I faint now? :). Dorie Greenspan is our idol and her recipes are not only delicious but simple and uses natural ingredients. No instant mixes, hacks or shortcuts! #starstruck #noshortcuts

Cheese Foam

Think Tiramisu without the ladyfingers

O.M.G. This Cheese Foam on top of a double espresso leaves Dalgona Coffee in the dust! Think: tiramisu without the ladyfingers. Try it out and pls tag us! Take 2oz cream cheese, 1/4 cup fresh milk (Pinkie’s of course! Or else it won’t taste as good 🙂 ), 1/4 cup whipping cream, 2tbsp sugar, and a pinch of salt. Whip this together and top COLD coffee (either espresso or americano, up to you). You can also have the coffee over ice. You can sprinkle flakey salt on top, or chocolate shavings or cocoa powder, or just leave it bare in all its glory. BE READY TO BE WOWED.

Maida Heatter’s Lemon Buttermilk Cake

Photo credit: T. Namin

Gorgeous cake and yummy too! Thank you T. Namin for the picture and recipe of Maida Heatter’s Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake! Don’t be fooled: This picture is really Ms. Namin’s picture, and it looks exactly like the one in the link! Using real buttermilk made such a big difference and the cake came out moist and tender. This lemon cake is pretty famous as well: it’s light with a ” puckery” lemon taste, and Dorie Greenspan (another of our idols) swears by it. Get the recipe https://food52.com/recipes/80782-maida-heatter-s-lemon-buttermilk-cake. Get the real buttermilk from us. 🙂 #realbuttermilk #lemoncake #maidaheatter #yummyph #foodieph #doriegreenspan

Salted Duck Eggs

People love our idea of our farmer friends’ products available with ours. It’s great to find all this fresh produce in one place. Our newest farm to join us is a small duck farm in Lipa, Batangas. From them we can offer to you salted or fresh duck eggs.

Duck eggs are much richer and fattier than regular chicken eggs. Try using them in an omelet and see the difference in creaminess!

Our New Buttermilk Pancake Mix Sets

Meet Our New Pancake Sets!

We’ve done 3 new things to our popular Buttermilk pancakes mix.

1. We’ve changed our bottle of buttermilk to a smaller one, so now, no more excess buttermilk! This new size is perfect one-is-to-one ratio: one bottle mix combines with one bottle buttermilk. No excess, no waste, super easy. Just add eggs and butter!

2. We’ve made a Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Same magical formula that results in fluffy pancakes, but now a rich, DARK chocolate version. Think…chocolate cake. 🙂 Now, who doesn’t like chocolate cake for breakfast?

3. We’ve made a SUPERB orange compound butter (sold separately). Fresh orange zest and juice with a smidgen of sugar in butter. This is DELICIOUS on our pancakes, especially the dark chocolate ones.


Classic Pancake Set (1 pack pancake mix, 500ml buttermilk) – P420

Dark Chocolate Pancake Set (1 park dark choco pancake mix, 500ml buttermilk) – P460

Each set is good for 12-15 5 inch pancakes.