Farm Tour Pictures

farm tour pano

Dairy lecture and pastillas making demo:


Learning about cows.

Learning how to milk a cow by hand:

Feeding the cows grass and stalks:

Feeding the baby calves

Our picnic area

Our latest crop of calves!!




This dappled calf was also a standout. Such a wistful gaze!


Smile for the camera!


Oblivious of their audience. So absorbed in their lunch.


The three little calves, standing in the corner. What mischief did they do to merit this “punishment”? 🙂


This little black beauty has a startling, white mark on her forehead, which makes her stand out among the others.


This almost all-white calf is the newest darling. We named her “Peas”, for her black-eye. 🙂


It’s lunchtime!! Sharing food is always a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Farm Tour Pictures

  1. Bim de Castro says:

    Hello. Is the farm open for public viewing. I have interested guests who saw website and interested to visit farm this May. Thank you

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