Buttermilk Soap


A new way to use buttermilk!!! Who says dairy is only meant to be eaten? Cleopatra was reputed to have taken baths in milk.

So I saw this soap and got excited with the idea of this new product from our buttermilk! It’s soap, but it also sounds pretty yummy :):) Cant wait for her post :):) thanks so much. #Repost@sunnabodytreat with @get_repost ・・・ Working with this 😊 @pinkiesfarm buttermilk for a buttermilk bastille soap 😊 with chamomile infused evoo

Not to worry, we’re not getting into the beauty business. But we love the idea of dairy making you beautiful, inside and out. 🙂

Smoked Scamorza


Honest-to-goodness farm freshness now served at Old Swiss Inn. Pinkie’s Farm’s very own apple-smoked Scamorza, an Italian semi-soft cheese, similar to Swiss Raclette, with a smokiness that adds a whole new layer of delicious flavor. Served with slices of toasted rye bread. Starting Friday, Oct. 5. Call 818-8251 for inquiries.

P430 + 10% service charge

Pure, All-natural Tablea De Cacao

New from the farm!! Tablea de Cacao, from our own #cacao trees. Nothing added: no sugar, no extenders, no powdered milk. P150/roll (approx 100g). Email also if you want our recipe for Hot tsokolate, the Batangueño way. :). VERY limited offer. #hotchocolate #chocolate #allnatural

We Deliver To More Areas!



Because of our many hubs, we can now deliver to more areas, farther and wider! We do this via Lalamove, and we will tell you what is the cheapest way to get our products to you. You can even join our Dairy Habit subscription program from any area now!

Baking Tip!

For a tender and fine crumb, most bakers recommend using buttermilk. Its acidity reacts with baking soda to create a lighter cake while imparting a tanginess to add to the flavor.

We made this marbled cake using our buttermilk, but left out the icing. Bundt cakes, after all, are pretty enough to go without icing, and a simple dusting of confectioner’s sugar will suffice.

The result: a very soft and tender and MOIST cake, which remained delicious even after 4 days.

Recommendation: use UNSWEETENED chocolate for a more dramatic contrast. We used 74% dark chocolate and felt it could have used more bitterness.

For the recipe for this marbled bundt cake, click here.

Love Flakiness!

For effortless flakiness in biscuits, scones, and shortcakes, use REAL buttermilk! Of course, the basics of making biscuits and scones remain the same: use COLD (as in straight-out-of-the-freezer cold) ingredients, from butter cubes, dry ingredients (we stick ours in the freezer for a bit), and the buttermilk. The colder it is, the more the butter won’t melt and the flakier it becomes.

Buttermilk will make the biscuits tender and puffy (because of its reaction with the baking soda).

Here is a recipe for a versatile biscuit. Click here.