Espresso Milk!

Espresso milk is our coffee milk, all grown-up. If you like your coffee milk on the stronger side, with the full flavor of Barako coffee, try this! Starting Thursday Feb. 20. Limited edition: only until March 31. It’s the first of our special flavors. :):) watch out for the others! #coffee #espresso BTW don’t you love our cow espresso cup? 🙂

Our New Buttermilk Pancake Mix Sets

Meet Our New Pancake Sets!

We’ve done 3 new things to our popular Buttermilk pancakes mix.

1. We’ve changed our bottle of buttermilk to a smaller one, so now, no more excess buttermilk! This new size is perfect one-is-to-one ratio: one bottle mix combines with one bottle buttermilk. No excess, no waste, super easy. Just add eggs and butter!

2. We’ve made a Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Same magical formula that results in fluffy pancakes, but now a rich, DARK chocolate version. Think…chocolate cake. 🙂 Now, who doesn’t like chocolate cake for breakfast?

3. We’ve made a SUPERB orange compound butter (sold separately). Fresh orange zest and juice with a smidgen of sugar in butter. This is DELICIOUS on our pancakes, especially the dark chocolate ones.


Classic Pancake Set (1 pack pancake mix, 500ml buttermilk) – P420

Dark Chocolate Pancake Set (1 park dark choco pancake mix, 500ml buttermilk) – P460

Each set is good for 12-15 5 inch pancakes.

Mother’s Day Gift Packs

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? Our Yogurt Sampler with insulated lunchbox may be the very gift moms will appreciate! Yogurts for a health and yummy breakfast, and this adorable lunchbox for packing food for those family trips. Mothers are always prepared, you know! #mothersday #yogurts. P600/bag with 4 small yogurt bottles. Please email or PM to inquire.

Breakfast Idea!

Our yogurt cheese is so versatile it can be used for hot, savory dishes like this breakfast omelet. It has the consistency of cream cheese with a slight tang.

Just place gobs of our yogurt cheese in the middle of the omelet when the eggs have almost set. Envelop the yogurt cheese with the eggs by folding the omelet over it and wait for it to melt. I can imagine this will go well with smoked salmon!

Italian Scamorza

We now make Italian Scamorza, a soft cheese that melts like a dream. We sell it to Old Swiss Inn who smokes it with apple-chips and uses it in many of their dishes like their pizzetas, their Scamorza Skillet, and a luscious plate of melted Scamorza.

Smoked Scamorza Fondue


Old Swiss Inn is featuring our Smoked Scamorza in their newest fondue, out just in time for Valentines’ week! They use our Smoked Scamorza and melt it with white wine, throw in some fresh tomatoes and serve it with bread and apples. Delish!!

Repost from @oldswissinn: Let your romance smolder with our Smoked Scarmoza Fondue. Share a luscious cheese fondue made from apple-smoked cheese and tomatoes served with bread and apples.

Reserve a table now and call 8180098 (Makati Branch) or 521-3002 (Paco Branch) or email: or send us a message here. See you!

Baby Froyo! Single-Serve Sizes

Our frozen yogurt is now available in pint and single serve sizes. No extenders, no emulsifiers, thickeners, or preservatives. Our flavors (L-R, top-bottom): PastillYES, Peanut Brittlemania, Cookies & Cream, Strawberrific, Ubelicious, Why not Chocnut, TableYEAH!, and Oh Mangoodness. Thank you so much for the picture @titallenials #frozenyogurt #froyo #allnatural #yummy #happytummy

Not-So-New Product Alert! Real Buttermilk!

Just a reminder……

Now available! Cultured #buttermilk! Thick and tangy, buttermilk’s acidity is used to create lighter cakes (its acidity reacts with baking soda) while giving it a delicious tang. It also is used in marinating chicken for the juicy and flavorful fried #chicken (a Southern specialty!). And of course, there are fluffy buttermilk #pancakes and #waffles! P350/L, P120/200ml. Watch out for pictures of our kitchen test.

Christmas Gift Packs 2018

Give the gift of health this Christmas. Our Christmas packages are:

1. Gift Bag 1: Yogurt Sampler Pack – P600

  •  1 200g strawberry yogurt
  •  1 200g mango yogurt
  • 1 200g lemon zest yogurt
  • 1 200g full cream unsweetened yogurt
  • 1 Pinkie’s Farm thermal lunchbox

2. Gift Bag 2: Dairy Collection – P575

  • 1 200g full cream unsweetened yogurt
  • 1 kesong puti
  • 1 unsalted butter
  • 1 Pinkie’s Farm thermal lunchbox

3. Gift Bag 3: Breakfast Bundle – P625

  • 1 200g Full cream unsweetened Greek yogurt
  • 1 kesong puti
  • 1 salted butter
  • 1 Pinkie’s Farm thermal lunchbox

4. Gift Bag 4: Buttermilk Pancakes Set – P770

  • 1L cultured buttermilk
  • 2 packs buttermilk premix
  • 2 packs chocolate chips
  • 2 half sticks salted butter
  • 1 Pinkie’s Farm thermal lunchbox

5. Gift Bag 5: DIY

  • 1 Pinkie’s Farm thermal lunchbox P250
  • Your choice of items (less 10% discount)

6. Gift Bag 6: Frozen Yogurt Bundle – P850

  • 6 120g frozen yogurts (any flavor)
  • 1 Pinkie’s Farm thermal lunchbox


  1. All packs will contain dry ice to keep it cool.
  2. All packs will have a gift tag attached.
  3. We discourage putting milk in the gift bag as milk is more sensitive to temperature.
  4. For large orders, we might have to stagger the delivery as our quantities are limited.
  5. If you just want to buy the lunchbox, that will be P250