Meet Our Farmer Friends!

During ECQ, we’ve met new farmer friends who share our passion for quality produce and our struggles with farming. We want to share them with you. You can even order their products through us. Just because we like sharing good things. 🙂

Meet Sunny Side Farm! We love everything about them: their name, their logo, their feed, and most of all, their products and their values. Their eggs were super fresh, their hens are hormone and antibiotic free, plus you can return their crates for recycling. Sound familiar? 🙂

You can see them on @sunnysidefarmph or you can just order through us (same price) to get your eggs and dairy at the same time.

Fresh From The Farm 3x A Week!

Time is of the essence when it comes to fresh dairy, and no one understands that better than we do. While it’s still a challenge to deliver, we’re increasing our deliveries from the farm to our MAKATI hub to three times a week, just so that we can give you the freshest possible dairy weekend.

To order, go to our contact us page, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and send us a message there.

For your extra convenience, we can also arrange for delivery to you via Grab, Lalamove, Hertz, or Angkas.

Espresso Milk!

Espresso milk is our coffee milk, all grown-up. If you like your coffee milk on the stronger side, with the full flavor of Barako coffee, try this! Starting Thursday Feb. 20. Limited edition: only until March 31. It’s the first of our special flavors. :):) watch out for the others! #coffee #espresso BTW don’t you love our cow espresso cup? 🙂

Our New Buttermilk Pancake Mix Sets

Meet Our New Pancake Sets!

We’ve done 3 new things to our popular Buttermilk pancakes mix.

1. We’ve changed our bottle of buttermilk to a smaller one, so now, no more excess buttermilk! This new size is perfect one-is-to-one ratio: one bottle mix combines with one bottle buttermilk. No excess, no waste, super easy. Just add eggs and butter!

2. We’ve made a Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Same magical formula that results in fluffy pancakes, but now a rich, DARK chocolate version. Think…chocolate cake. 🙂 Now, who doesn’t like chocolate cake for breakfast?

3. We’ve made a SUPERB orange compound butter (sold separately). Fresh orange zest and juice with a smidgen of sugar in butter. This is DELICIOUS on our pancakes, especially the dark chocolate ones.


Classic Pancake Set (1 pack pancake mix, 500ml buttermilk) – P420

Dark Chocolate Pancake Set (1 park dark choco pancake mix, 500ml buttermilk) – P460

Each set is good for 12-15 5 inch pancakes.