Smoked Scamorza At Old Swiss Inn

Old Swiss Inn Makati carries our full line of products so it’s no surprise that they start using our products in their menu! They’ve started serving our Smoked Scamorza like their Raclette: just melted into delicious molten deliciousness, on a plate. Simplicity is the best policy. 🙂

If you’re curious about how it tastes, the smoked flavor adds a hint of bacon-y-ness, but this has no hint of meat whatsoever! So rejoice, vegetarians! 🙂 Read more about our Smoked Scamorza in the blog below.


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Our apple-smoked scamorza:  for the adventure-seeking palette.

Read @katcatapusan’s Old Swiss Inn adventure at:

Photo Credits to: @katcatapusan

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