Loaded Labneh

Labneh is actually another name for our yogurt cheese, and is a Middle Eastern dip. So what is yogurt cheese? It’s EXTRA strained Greek yogurt has the consistency of cream cheese, so is perfect for dips!

The simplest dip is often the yummiest. If you have really good quality EVOO (the type that tastes very fruity!), just drizzle a bit over the yogurt cheese, put a bit of salt and pepper (we like using flakey salt so that the salt granules aren’t so abrasive) and voila! Wonderful dip for vegetable sticks, chips, or a spread on pita chips or toasted rounds.

If you want something fancier you can load up the labneh with all sorts of things. We’ve tried lemon zest (you KNOW we love our zester!) with chopped pistachios, fried shallots, basil chiffonade and a sprinkle of paprika! What a gorgeous symphony of colors and flavors, all harmoniously humming together. You can try anything you want really. Just remember to finish off with the best EVOO you can get your hands on, salt, and pepper.

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